Coming home to a clean smelling and clean looking house is such a relief. Being worn out from treatments is no fun. But walking in to my house after the girls have been here makes me feel like I can make it through.

Thank you so much!

Cleaning the house was one less thing to worry about and doing it well! It was a breath of fresh air to come home from a hospital stay to a very clean house.

Thank you!

Aiding Angels has been such a wonderful experience! Spending so much
time cooped up in the house with no energy to clean myself, the ladies
with Aiding Angels have filled that need to have things cleaned. It
was a small gift that meant a lot during my treatments, being able to
trust them to do such a good job. They were friendly, cheerful and
brought positive energy every time they came over. I am truly grateful
to Aiding Angels for taking this burden off my shoulders while I dealt
with my treatments, it allowed me be relax and not worry about the
house cleaning.

Thank you AGAIN!!

I appreciate the cleaning service provided by Aiding Angels. The
ladies were extremely friendly and pleasant and their work was done
efficiently and thoroughly. Their services have been invaluable.


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